The First Great Champions: A Century of Great (1910-1990)

Muhammed Ali, the legend

Quels sont les grands noms de la boxe ? Muhammed Ali, the most famous Boxer in the world

In boxing, some champions are among the stars, and this is the case of Muhammed Ali, who won world titles in heavyweight boxing.

His charts account not less than 56 games, 37 by knockout, one Championship heavyweight to win the three belts of the federation. It offers fans of the fighting of anthology facing Joe Frazier (2 wins, one loss), George Foreman or even Larry Holmes (the only one against whom he has lost several times).

It’s figure of authority in the world of boxing, and even legend: he inspired many writers of American cinema, but also crowds of supporters during her 20 years of the ring, but also after.

His daughter, Laila Ali, takes over, thanks to her championship of the world and Olympic Champion titles. His first fight, she won against Avril Fowler, in the first round… In just 31 seconds! It will be enough of a left-right uppercut to knock his rival, and create a new legend!

Famous boxers: Marcel Cerdan, French pioneer

Operating in the middleweight category, it totaled 123 professional games (including 61 wins by knockout). Dubbed “the man at the hands of money,” some of his plays have contributed to its reputation.

For example, in 1949, his fight against Jack La Motta remains in the Annals: while it’s favorite (and supported by the French Boxing Federation), he bows to the United States in the face of the Boxer in the streets. A rematch is expected later this year, but he died tragically in a plane crash, leaving the world of boxing on hold.

Henry Armstrong, the first triple winner

On the rings as a professional from 1932 to 1945, Armstrong was the first to win not a boxing world championship, but three! At that time, hold three belts of the winner is a feat unmatched, especially as it evolves in three categories: featherweight, lightweight, welterweight.

He loved to fight to give himself challenges: on 17 the world champions faced, 15 were beaten, most in K.O. This essential Boxer, among the first champions, was also nicknamed “Hurricane Hank,” in reference swirling personality.

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Jack Dempsey, heavyweight

Great Boxer, fighting amateur boxing and inventor of the Dempsey roll, a technique of footwork and dodges, it counts as the first ‘modern’ boxing champion, and above all, the first superstar of the discipline.

He joined his first ring in 1917 and stayed there for ten years. Over time, he accumulated rewards and prestige matches and had 50 victories by knockout on 61 professional matches. His last fight ended on a controversial defeat, but he left the boxing world to open a restaurant.

Ray “Sugar” Leonard, entrusting it

Olympic champion in 1976 (Montreal), Ray ‘Sugar’ Leonard evolves on the rings for 20 years, between 1977 and 1997. His gold medal at the Olympic Games will launch his professional boxing career: he followed the victories, the high-profile meetings, and the success. Among them, the great game called ‘No more’ against Roberto Duran, in 1980, when he took over he lost world title the previous year.

He will also know another fright when he goes to confront Marvin Hagler, says “Marvelous” in Wembley, in Vegas, in 1987. Indeed, he puts on boxing gloves again after three-year shutdown, following surgery of the retina. But after running short: it becomes the new champion of the welterweight winner against the defending champion.

His stage name is borrowed from “Sugar Ray Robinson,” the first practitioner of the noble art of boxing.

Julio C├ęsar Chavez, the star of the rings

For 25 years, the Mexican Julio Cesar Chavez is the darling of the media: his career began in 1980, with a first victory, which hides in 88 others! Is that in 1993 he knows his first game tie. Real machine, he is nicknamed the “J.C. Superstar” by his fans.

It evolves in the welterweight and featherweight category, and include the “four fabulous” of his generation, alongside Marvin Hagler, Roberto Duran, and Thomas Hearns.

Best boxers: Joe Frazier, the great challenger

In the category of trucks and super heavy, Joe Frazier made a figure of authority. His offensive style allows him to win an Olympic title, a champion of boxing WBA and WBC world title. In 1971, he went into the ring for a fight in the face of Muhammed Ali, for what has been called “fight of the century.”

His double defeat (1974 and 1975) in return match remained not as famous as his victory over the latter in this anthology match, while he was seen as the outsider.

Jack De La Motta, “The Bronx Bull”

This street fighter dubbed the “Mad Bull,” is known for his fight against Marcel Cerdan in 1949, remains notorious, although he came out victorious. The rematch could never be made.

Once boxing champion in the heavyweight category, it’s a good few years before retiring in 1954, after 13 years. He inspired the making of the film The Raging Bull, directed by Martin Scorsese.

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