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Former boxing world champion Ricky Hatton has made several suicides attempts

The former super-light and the welterweight world champion Ricky Hatton has admitted on the antennas of the BBC that depression drove him to suicide on several occasions since the end of his career in 2012

Invited Thursday into the Today Show broadcast on BBC antennas, the former boxer English Ricky Hatton, aged of 38 years now has admitted that depression had driven him to suicide several times since the end of his career in 2012. ‘I tried to kill me several times,’ said notably declared the Manchester native.

“I used to go to the pub, home, get out a knife, and couldn’t stop crying,” explained the former the welterweight world champion (2006) and super-lightweight (2005,2006,2007) who lost his license to the boxer in 2010 after revealing that he had consumed cocaine. “There were days where I wasn’t drinking a glass of the day, but I could still go home, and if something could think of me I began to think about an alternative. It was the same result, I grab a drink or not,” said the former boxer.

No help for boxers to retire

Hatton is not the first boxer to have suicidal thoughts since the stop of his career. Like him, other champions have been affected by depression during or at the end of their career, as Tyson Fury, or the Brtiannique Frank Bruno. Tyson Fury was originally a scandal this year. Controlled positive to cocaine, the ‘Gipsy King,’ also a native of Manchester, risked the withdrawal of his world championship titles, as well as a heavy suspension coupled with a fine. He had announced his retirement on Twitter, before going back on its decision and explain that depression made him dependant to drugs.

During his speech on the radio, Ricky Hatton regretted that nothing should be done to monitor and supervise the boxers after the end of their career. “Footballers have a staff who care for them and a club who got their back. “The Football Association (Federation of English football, FA, ed.), and the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA, Union of professional players English, ED) may also be there”, regretted the former boxer now a promoter. While the side boxers, it’s as if once your time had passed, it’s “help yourself,” and we spend the next champion, who is coming,” he snapped.

Who won 45 wins, 32 by knockout in his professional career has analyzed the situation of his peers. “It seems to happen only with boxers. It’s an individual sport, so you get in the ring with single and then when you retire you tend to spend the rest of your life alone”. After expressing full support for Tyson Fury, Ricky Hatton explained that now when he was in a bad day, he was talking to someone to remove all his discomfort with his heart. “I have no shame in talking about it, and that’s why I’m here,” he said.


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